New York’s priciest rental: What do you get for $500,000 a month?


The most expensive New York rental of all time costs a cool half million dollars per month—double what you’d play for the city’s second-priciest place. The extended stay, six-bedroom, six-and-a-half bath rental encompasses the full 39th floor of The Pierre, a luxury five-star hotel with private co-op residences, located on 61st street at the southeast corner of Central Park.

Barely a month after the suite hit the market, someone described only as “an international renter” paid the full, record-setting rent for the month of December 2014. The 39th floor wasn’t big enough to accommodate his or her extended entourage, so the mystery renter end up booking another suite in the hotel for an additional $150,000—although they got a bit of a break on the cost of that one.

So, what does $500,000 a month look like?

Tata Suite BedCourtesy of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

Pictured here is the Tata…

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