Crowdfund site to save Greece collapses under wave of donations


Want to kickstart a small country’s escape from austerity? Now you can thanks to a crowdfunding project called “Greek Bailout Fund” that invites ordinary people to save Greece and receive small gifts in return. Amazingly, the project is proving popular: On Tuesday, thousands of people rushed to contribute towards the €1,600,000,000 goal, causing its Indieogogo page to crash under the wave of donations.

“Greek Bailout Fund” is the brainchild of 29-year-old U.K. man Thom Feeney, who thinks regular citizens can succeed where the Greek government and European bankers have failed. He invites people to donate as little as €3 and receive a postcard from Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras, or €6 to get a “feta and olive” salad.

Feeney himself is thinking big: he decided to donate €10 in the hopes of getting a “small bottle of Ouzo” (it’s unclear who will supply these gifts or how). On the…

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