France’s President Hollande is unmoved by Courtney Love’s plight


French President Francois Hollande has called for the UberPOP ride-sharing service to be shut down after demonstrations against it by striking taxi drivers turned violent.

Speaking after a late-night session at a summit of European leaders, Hollande repeated the position of his government that UberPOP, which allows ordinary drivers to earn money by giving rides without the training or insurance required by law, is illegal. Registered taxi drivers allege that the UberPOP operates also makes it too easy for drivers to avoid declaring their income from the service.

UberPOP has already been banned in Germany, Europe’s largest market, on similar concerns.

“UberPOP must be dissolved and declared illegal, and the seizure of vehicles must be enforced…when authorised by judicial rulings,” Hollande said. “The sooner these rulings are made, the simpler the situation will be.”

He added that he understood the “exasperation” of those affected by the strikes, and condemned the…

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