Greece’s best weapon for an economic recovery? Its good looks.


From the classical ruins of Athens to the black volcanic hills of Santorini, Greece is a timeless treasure for tourists. Greece’s good looks has prevented the total collapse of the nation’s economy and it offers the best hope for its recovery.

That conclusion was made clear in a report released on Friday by Alpha Bank, Greece’s fourth largest lender. Naturally, the study is full of the disastrous data that dominates the headlines—rampant deflation, a 24.5% unemployment rate, and government coffers depleted by retirees in their 40s and 50s collecting generous pensions.

Still, the Alpha report reveals that while everything around it is unraveling, Greece’s biggest industry––tourism––is in the middle of a boom. The number of foreigners visiting its cities, ports, and islands rose from 17.9 million in 2013 to well over 22 million last year, and revenues from tourism grew over 10%, to almost $15 billion. In a $200 billion…

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