5 amazing facts about Kirk Kerkorian


Kirk Kerkorian, the self-made Armenian-American billionaire who made a fortune in movies, airlines, and, most famously, Las Vegas resort casinos, died on Monday at the age of 98. Here are a handful of tidbits that made Kerkorian’s life story so remarkable.

He built the “world’s biggest hotel-casino” three separate times. On three occasions in Kerkorian’s career as a developer, “the father of the Las Vegas megaresort” built and opened hotel-casinos that were considered at the time to be the world’s biggest. They were all in Las Vegas, the Review-Journal reported: “the International (now the Westgate Las Vegas) in 1969, the original MGM Grand (now Bally’s Las Vegas) in 1973, and the current MGM Grand Las Vegas in 1993.” At various points, Kerkorian also owned iconic Vegas properties such as the Desert Inn, the Sands, and the Flamingo, as well as the land now occupied by Caesars Palace.

He was…

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