These three startups are betting on eSports


With 134 million people around the globe currently watching eSports, according to SuperData Research, it was only a matter of time before gambling and fantasy sports businesses sprouted around professional video gaming. Three startupsVulcun, AlphaDraft, and Unikrnhave staked a claim on eSports fans wanting to further immerse themselves in the action.

Ali Moiz, founder of Vulcun, believes fantasy eSports could become a $250 million a year industry by 2020. And the good news for traditional fantasy sports is that Moiz has seen “mostly no overlap so far,” so these companies are tapping into a new audience.

Vulcun has raised over $13.4 million, which has helped the company pay out over $1.1 million in prizes to over 117,000 fans in its first three months. Gamers assemble their own fantasy teams and compete in daily competitions.

“Since fantasy sports is a game of skill, it allows sports fans…

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