ECB peps markets and JPMorgan shareholders vote on Dimon’s pay–5 things to know today


Hello friends and Fortune readers.

Wall Street futures are higher this morning after European Central Bank officials promised more stimulus. The dollar is also sharply higher against the euro, while crude oil futures have dipped back below $60 a barrel.

Today’s must-read story is by Fortune’s Erin Griffith who reveals why Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer never pursued a merger with AOL: “Some people on the outside saw similarities between the companies,” said Mayer. “We didn’t.”

Here’s what else you need to know today.

1. ECB rolls its tanks on to the lawn as Greek PM faces mutiny

Two of the ECB’s most senior policymakers talked up their stimulus plans, reassuring markets that have been shaken by a sharp correction in recent weeks. The reassurance is particularly welcome as Greece’s ruling coalition is showing clear signs of falling apart under the pressure of imminent bankruptcy.

2. Wal-Mart reports.


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