Why so many Apple Watch apps don’t work


On the front page of Sunday’s New York Times travel section, Stephanie Rosenbloom tells a story about the first time she tried to order a Uber ride through the company’s Apple Watch app. The app seemed to be frozen — until it wasn’t.

“Suddenly,” she writes, “it was ordering me car after car in what seemed like a digital-age version of the ‘I Love Lucy’ candy factory episode.”

Welcome to the world of first-generation third-party apps, the ones giving the Apple Watch a bad name. I’m not the only early user who’s complained about how slow and buggy they seemed.

Now, thanks to Marco Arment, we know why.

Arment is a rock star among app developers. He created Tumblr, Instapaper and what may be the best podcast app on the iPhone: Overcast.

But even he needed two tries to get it right. The first version of Overcast for the…

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