From McDonald’s to Barbie, iconic brands are struggling


Times change and so do consumption habits. The following iconic brands, companies, and products once seemed to be timeless, but now it seems the titans are teetering.

Part of these shifts in buying habits can be attributed to the different tastes and values of millenials. But it’s not only millenials turning their backs on these brands. With the resources of social media, it’s easier to spread the message nationwide and globally if a product or business is unhealthy or otherwise outmoded.


McDonald’s sales declined more than expected–nearly $400 million–in the first quarter of 2015, as the company annouced they were closing 350 poorly performing stores in Japan, the U.S., and China. And that’s just the latest in a series of struggles the fast food giant has gone through lately.
[fortune-brightcove videoid=4223470646001]

The oft-cited reason for McDonald’s woes is that customers are defecting to chains they see as healthier choices,

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