5 basic questions your financial adviser should be asking


What should you expect out of your first meeting with a financial advisor? Carl Richards, author of The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money, pulls no punches: “I think it’s the single biggest indicator of whether you’re dealing with a real advisor or a fake one,” he says. Of the hour you spend in the office, the advisor should spend 15 minutes asking you really thoughtful questions and the other 45 listening to your answers. “You should be thinking, ‘That person asked me the most thoughtful questions. They didn’t try to sell me anything. And they told me to come back when they sorted it all out.’ If you leave the first meeting with a prescription, that’s a red flag.”

As for what those questions should entail, Karen Filler, senior wealth management advisor at TIAA-CREF, gave us a peek into her playbook. She…

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